First Intuition - WooCommerce
20th December 2018
A course booking and e-Commerce website with CRM integrations ...

This project required a major extension of the WooCommerce plugin to accomodate course dates information.

The course data is imported in realtime from 2 separate CRM systems using REST API integrations.

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Fourth Estate Creative - WordPress
01 February 2019
This is a custom WordPress theme built for an agency website. I developed the transitions and animations based on the flat designs ...

This project incorporated HTML and CSS animations to create a "seamless" experience for the customer.

The website content is loaded in realtime and transitions between content are used to avoid clunky page reloading.

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Journal Of Trading Standards
20th May 2018
A government magazine website with multiple articles published within a taxonomy framework ...

A custom WordPress theme, which allows a team of authors and editors to manage and publish their content within standard WordPress taxonomies.

The website also includes adverts which are published within WordPress, and various microsites.

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Business Analayst - Cognifide (WPP)
01 January 2016
Worked as a lead BA on projects such as Penguin Books and Ford Motors ...
"I worked with Michael closely for nearly a year on a large scale project for a huge global publishing house. Michael was the BA with a very client facing role, in which he rapidly established himself. He gained the trust and respect of the client quickly and led workshops to form the project's requirements.

What was always obvious was the breadth of his experience and knowledge, brought from his technical and consulting backgrounds into the BA role."

Ian Drury - Programme Manager at Cognifide
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